ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3mg

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Enjoy a lively flavour with hints of citrus and a mellow 3 mg nicotine kick with ZYN Mini Dry Gold. It's a discreet nicotine pouch for every nicotine lover.


Enjoy the flavor of ZYN Mini Dry Gold. It's a new nicotine pouch from the genius snus makers at ZYN and Swedish Match. Every pouch is filled with a juicy flavour of sour citrus and the lively flavours that you crave. 


With the compact format of the ZYN Gold Mini Dry, you can pop a pouch whenever you like. Revel in the flavours and calm your nerves on a flight, unlock your potential at work, or lounge on your patio; the opportunities are nigh infinite. ZYN Gold is the perfect choice. 


ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3 mg has the perfect nicotine levels for beginners.  Anyone can enjoy the nicotine buzz from this wonderful nic pouch. 

How To Use ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3 mg


  1. Remove the seal from the can.
  2. Breathe in the aroma like you're at a BBQ fest.
  3. Park a pouch of ZYN Gold Mini Dry under your lip.
  4. Enjoy the slow release of flavor and nicotine content for 30 minutes.