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Canada's first Vape Store, since 2009.

Now offering; No Contact Store Pickup, Free Local Vape Delivery, In Store Shopping!!

We are Guelph's Best Vape Store locally owned and operated. E-Cigz Vape Shop is centrally located in downtown Guelph, and we also have an Online Store with fast shipping across Canada. We offer genuine name-brand manufacturers at competitive pricing. We showcase many premium E-Liquids, and offer the largest Flavour selection in town. There is lots of available parking, and our new store includes a Vape Lounge where you can relax and test out our tasty new vape flavours. We are Canada’s first Vape Store, since 2009, and stand behind our products with a 14-day Return Policy / Money Back Guarantee. We are open Monday - Friday 10AM - 8PM, Saturday 11AM - 7PM, and Sunday 11AM-6PM.  Come check us out today!

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Canadian Office / Retail Store:

E-Cigz Vape Shop
86 Gordon Street, Unit F
Wellington Plaza
Guelph, ON    N1H 4H6

Retail Store Hours:
Monday - Friday 10AM - 8PM
Saturday 11AM - 7PM
Sunday - 11AM - 6PM
We have plenty of parking!
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1-855-55-Ecigz (32449)

About Us

Founded in 2009, E-Cigz (formerly Electronic-Cigz.com) is one of the oldest and most trusted e-cig suppliers in North America. Our mission is to provide genuine name-brand vape products at competitve pricing, while also providing the best possible customer service. We offer our customers only the highest quality and best products available.

We have invested the time and research in finding the best, safest equipment and supplies, so that we can offer them to you. Our owner is a former smoker, and we are continusly using and testing all new products so that we can find the best product that suits your needs.

"I personally started my journey into the world of vaping in 2008 in the hope of finding something that would finally really help me quit smoking. I purchased an e-cig kit from China and was amazed at how close it was to real smoking and how well it replaced the cigarette for me. In fact I was so happy that I had finally found a smoking alternative that worked, we decided to start a company to offer these amazing new products to other smokers looking for the best solution to quit. I truly believe in the effectiveness and health benefits of these products and I am passionate about offering these product to other smokers who have tried all means of quitting smoking without any success"  Sean SonHing - Owner

We were for the longest time the only company offering kits with e-liquid that was not made in China and we have kept to our original standards of always offering premium US-made e-liquids, and the highest-quality vape hardware that we can find. We have been the exclusive Canadian distributor of Crystal E-Liquid, 100% US-made premium e-liquid since 2009. Crystal E-Liquid is the highest-quality liquid manufacturer that we could source, with the best staffed and equipped laboratory. All of our flavours and e-liquid are fully tested well before they are offered to the market.

"I wish you luck in your journey into vaping, and me and my knowledable staff are happy to offer our help and support to you at anytime that you may need it."  Sean 

If you have any questions, please contact us.