ZYN Mini Dry Black Cherry 3mg

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ZYN Mini Black Cherry 3 mg has a taste of cherry with hints of forest berry and vanilla. A perfect pouch for a lower nicotine hit with great cherry taste.


ZYN Black Cherry 3 mg is the perfect product for people who love a delicate flavour combined with a sweet, mellow, and smooth nicotine kick. Each pouch is bathed in the juiciness of delicious cherries and forest berries. The sour, sweet flavour is boosted by a creamy combo of vanilla, hints of sweet caramel, and nutty almonds. 


The unique pH and Mini Dry format give ZYN Mini Black Cherry a quick but long-lasting release of nicotine and flavour. The plant fibre pouches sit comfortably under your lip without causing irritation or swelling. Finally, you can use the Mini Black Cherry pouches anywhere thanks to the slender, slim design.  


It isn't a strong snus, but it certainly is a delicious one. Get your cans of ZYN Black Cherry 3 mg today for a discreet and unforgettable nicotine kick. 


How To Use ZYN Mini Black Cherry 3 mg Nicotine Pouches


  1. Check your cans and remove the seal.
  2. Pry open the lid and enjoy the aroma.
  3. Put a pouch of ZYN Mini Black Cherry under your lip.
  4. Enjoy the slow nicotine release for 30 to 40 minutes.