ZYN Mini Dry Bellini 3mg

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Enjoy the flavours of Italy with ZYN Bellini Mini Dry 3 mg. With a 3 mg nicotine content, backed by the sweet flavours of peaches, grapes, and fruit tea, this pouch will caress your taste buds like a summers breeze under.


ZYN Bellini Mini Dry is the sweetest peachy nicopod in the whole wide world. Every pouch melts into your gums like you melt into a warm blanket on a cold day. The flavours have a predominant sweet taste, fuelled by peach and hints of sour grapes. The extra Italian oomph in this pouch comes from juicy fruit tea. 


ZYN Mini Dry Bellini 3 mg has a mellow dose of nicotine content, which makes it perfect for every type of user. 


Since the pouches contain all-white nicotine and come in slim formats, you can use them like a ninja whenever and wherever you want. Need a quick fix while flying on a plane? Pop a pouch under your lip and enjoy 3mg of pure joy and flavour. Enjoy the perks of Italy outside of Italy. 

How To Use ZYN Bellini Mini Dry Nicotine Pouches

  1. Remove the lid from the can and enjoy the aroma.
  2. Take a pouch, feel the juice with your fingertips, and place it under your lip.
  3. Enjoy the surreal taste of peaches, green grapes, and fruit tea.