French Vanilla by Crystal

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French Vanilla by Crystal  | E-Cigz Vape Shop


Flavour: French Vanilla


Select from: 

Freebase (0mg 3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg) 


Salt (6mg 10mg 20mg)


Freebase Nicotine?

- Freebase nicotine is the purest form of nicotine used in e-liquids. It is the traditional nicotine form and is commonly found in regular cigarettes. Freebase juice can feel quite harsh on the throat, especially when vaped at high nicotine strengths like 18mg.

Salt Nicotine? 

Nic salts are made to create a more stable and absorbable form of nicotine. The resulting e-liquid is smoother to vape and can deliver a higher level of nicotine without the harshness that can be experienced with high levels of freebase nicotine.

We also offer custom PG/VG mixes! Let us know your preferred mix at checkout under "Order Instructions". 

Liquid will come as 50/50 (Standard) unless instructed otherwise!