Boosted Pod: Mint

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Boosted Pods STLTH compatible pod pack - Mint synthetic 50mg | E-Cigz Vape Shop


STLTH Device Required.


Flavour: Mint


Synthetic nicotine is highly concentrated so that the 20mg/ml is 50mg/ml equivalents while maintaining 20mg/ml of the nicotine cap.


Boosted Nicotine is designed differently from traditional nicotine and salt nicotine solutions.  Boosted Pods, featuring some of the best flavours our industry has to offer. Fine-tuned to perfection. 3 STLTH compatible pods are included in every pack. Each pod offers enhanced airflow and a leak-resistant design. Guaranteed satisfaction and with option synthetic options available soon, these pods are set to take this industry by storm! All of our flavours are hand-packed and filled in Canada, using only the finest flavours and ingredients.


Package Contents:

20mg Pods

3x Pods

2ml per pod