VELO Punchy Lime Mini 4mg

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Flavour: Delightful fruity flavour, predominantly featuring hints of lime


20 pouches per tin

4mg/ Pouch


BAT, the manufacturer, introduces the VELO Punchy Lime Mini nicotine pouch, a product characterized by its all-white composition and fruity flavour. Contained within a compact box, each pouch boasts a nicotine strength equivalent to 1/4, representing a light level.

VELO Punchy Lime Mini

This all-white nicotine product, VELO Punchy Lime Mini, is packaged in boxes of 20 pouches. Designed in a mini format, these pouches are convenient and user-friendly. They offer a delightful fruity flavor, predominantly featuring hints of lime. Notably, VELO nicotine pouches are free from tobacco; instead, they are crafted from plant fibers, flavors, and nicotine in the form of nicotine salt.